#38 Release notes 23.06.22
Client Portal
What’s in a name?
Clearly naming a document makes all the difference when searching for it, or it’s contents, down the track. Did you know that you can easily edit document names in Octfolio?
Here’s how:
Let’s say you have a document called
Site Plan.jpg
but need to load another site plan against the same asset and would like to make life easier for anyone viewing the documents to know the contents.
The asset-specific documents sit under the
Documents tab
for that asset:
Find the document you wish to rename and move your mouse to the right under the
Edit / Delete column
to display the icons. Click on the
edit icon
Rename the document and add a descriptive title:
Update settings & exit
to see the new document name, making it easier for you and your team to find what they are searching for:
Fixes & Improvements
  • All map pins are now be visible in
    external search pages
    that have a map view, when
    no search filters
    are used. When using the search filters, only the results you are searching for will show as pins on the map.
  • When the
    Structure Safety
    Module is enabled, we have added the ability to link Structure CoAs to Structure assets independently.
  • We have made it easier to set your company’s preferred default
    recommended action
    to populate when uploading a CoA and selecting the result.
# 37 Release notes - 16.06.22
Client Portal
  • Generating .docx asbestos register's now correctly supports multiple location images.
  • An extra tooltip displaying in some areas of the portal has been removed.
  • An issue where contractors and contracting companies were being unassigned from audits has been fixed.
  • We have added the option to split the risk score in templates to only show the score 
     or the rating 
    High Risk
     instead of always having them joined ie 
    24 - High Risk
#36 Release notes 02.06.22
Client Portal
Fixes & Improvements
  • It was spotted that
    templated asbestos registers
    (.docx format) may have been including records from other modules, such as Ladder inspection records appearing blank in an asbestos register. This has been fixed and word template registers will now only show those records from the module they were captured in.
  • For a brief time the
    building images
    were not populating in reporting documents where they previously did. This was picked up and fixed quickly. If you did generate a document with a missing building image, once regenerated the image will now populate.
  • We’ve been putting through some improvements to the
    All Data (beta) tool
    lately, including adding more properties. This week we had some savvy clients test out all the new additions and discovered that the exported data was appearing to
    repeat data for the same assets
    . This was for a platform that had multiple modules the assets were assigned to. This has been amended to filter out that data and only show for the module that is displaying.
  • The exported document for the
    All Data (beta) tool
    now has headings that match the table view rather than code references.
  • We know speed is of the essence and loading the
    All Data (beta) tool
    at an Organisational or Site level was definitely not going to win any races. This has been sped up and the desktop table view loads considerably faster.
#35 Release notes 26.05.22
Inspector App
Client Portal
Practice Management
A glimpse into the future
We LOVE feedback at Octfolio and we love it more when we get to release some of your “wish list” items. This week we’ve increased the
re-audits page filter
to include
2 years
5 years
, allowing you to see all future re-audits.
The filter will retain your last selection so, if you are someone who wants to have a long term view, you can set and forget at 5 years.
The left hand menu will still flag the number of re-audits coming up in a months time for now, but we’ve got plans in the wings to make that menu item and the dashboard icon dynamic to show you re-audits for the period that works best for
Fixes & Improvements
  • An issue was found when
    uploading a clearance certificate
    , if items being cleared extended over more than one page, only the items on the displayed page would clear. We have put in an interim fix for this by removing the pagination and having the page load to show all samples.
  • Some areas of the portal were allowing users to click through to
    Landing Pages
    where none exist, such as at
    Organisation level.
    This was showing an error on the page and has now been fixed.
  • It has been tricky to view samples when
    multiple samples
    are shown for a record in the
    Awaiting Results
    area. This has been fixed so you can click on the
    dropdown and view all samples for that record.
Those of you who have the
All data (beta) tool
enabled, will be pleased to find we have added some further property filters to the mix. You can now also display and export the following properties:
  • Overall asbestos
  • Overall risk rating
  • Total quantity of ACM
  • Recommended re-audit frequency
  • Recommended re-audit date
  • Last assessment date
While we are on the
All data (beta) tool
, the
Audit Notes
selection on the left hand side has been taking it’s sweet time to load the data. Like "cup of tea and a Tim Tam" time. This is now much faster to load.
  • We’ve added an icon with a
    next to any
    approved dates for records that were migrated
    into the platform so users are less confused about the dates displayed.
  • Those of you with the
    Clearance Module
    may have found yourself clicking on a
    view details
    button when looking at audit details and not going anywhere. This button has been removed as it was not intended for that area of the program.
  • URLs are now remembered when you login so if you are sent a link to a certain area of your portal by your colleagues or even us, you’ll be redirected straight to the correct area of the portal.
  • We discovered that
    uploading Clearance Certificates
    was taking awhile to load recently so we’ve put a fix in to speed this up considerably.
  • A fix has been made where data entered in
    Site description and Limitations
    fields were not transferring from the Inspector App to the Portal.
#34 Release notes 19.05.22
Inspector App
Client Portal
The case of the disappearing photos
As you may be aware, there are multiple places you can view photos taken during an audit or survey in the Client Portal. Places such as the landing pages, asbestos registers, viewing the record details and the photos tab.
After a re-audit or clearance it might look like photos have done a “disappearing act” but rest assured they are still there.
photos tab
will only show photos from the
current version of the records
for an audit.
If you find there are no photos on the photos tab follow these steps to check if there were photos taken in a previous version:
  • Go to the
    Records tab
    for your asset
  • Click on the
    Record ID
    hyperlink to open
  • If an earlier version of the record is available you can change the dropdown at the top left of the page to the previous version then scroll down to see any photos.
They will, of course, also show in the register created at that time.
Fixes & Improvements
  • When logging into a different device to conduct or resume an audit, the
    Inspector App
    gives users a warning message to remind them to
    complete and sync any work in progress on another device
    first, to avoid losing valuable data. We have made this warning message more prominent and a two-step process with the aim to ensure it’s not missed and users are alerted to the risk of losing data if they proceed to log in.
  • Fixed a bug to ensure photos deleted from
    within a record
    will also be removed from the
    photos tab
    in the Client Portal.
  • When viewing the web register, the
    unapproved records filter
    was displaying an inaccurate message “There have been no compliance records captured for this asset or its children”. This has been reworded to be clearer it is applying to the
    filter selected.
    New wording, if there are no unapproved records, will show as “No records based on the filters above”.
  • When editing a building and
    hide address details
    is enabled, the building address will display as
    Address restricted
    in sensitive assets in public searches, maps and documents. For registers, a new version must be created to publish the document with address hidden.
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#33 Release notes 12.05.22
Client Portal
Fixes & Improvements
  • Email notifications
    such as the reset password links, have not been getting through strict company firewalls for some users. We’ve put in some changes to help reduce the number of undelivered emails.
  • File names for
    Asbestos Registers generated in Word
    (DOCX) have been updated to match the PDF register file name format when generated at a level. The building name will now display at the beginning of the file name for consistency.
  • The process for
    uploading a Certificate of Analysis
    manually has been causing some confusion so we have improved the guidance text and removed unnecessary steps in the process to make life simpler.
  • The ability to
    rotate photos
    from the Photos tab has been adjusted slightly so you can rotate back and forth, or back to the original position.
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#32 Release notes 05.05.22
Client Portal
Behind the curtain
It’s a short and sweet update this week as our diligent programming team are working on some
behind the scenes
infrastructure and data capture improvements. This will result in faster page and report loads and more stability between the Inspector App and Client Portals. Overall we are aiming to improve the overall experience in key areas of the platform thanks to some much welcomed feedback from you.
We are also working on enhancing our
All Data
reporting tool currently in closed beta (let us know if you’d like to test it early!). We are close to putting in some more data and filter properties enabling even more of your data to be configured and exported into helpful reports. Thanks Rebecca for providing us with some great insight into how your data is used at a management level. Stay tuned as we polish it up - robust reporting is just around the corner.
Fixes & Improvements
  • Fixed a bug that caused samples with to get stuck in
    Awaiting Results
    when their status was:
→ Strongly presumed asbestos
→ Presumed no asbestos
→ Presumed asbestos
→ No suspect material
A sample result will no longer be required, allowing you to progress.
  • When scheduling audits, selected assets would occasionally show as ‘Undefined’ in place of the the asset code and name.
  • Fixed a bug causing the
    Building Condition module
    to show incorrect record counts.
  • Those of you who had your data migrated into the Octfolio platform may have some old registers with excess spacing around the comments box causing tables within the register to push onto a new page. This is not great for the trees, expensive computer ink or download time so we’ve fixed up the data anywhere we could see this happening. You will need to generate a new register to see the new trimmed down version.
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#31 Release notes 28.04.22
Inspector App
Client Portal
Practice Management
With all these long weekends, the weeks are flying by here at Octfolio. I’ve nearly eaten my Easter chocolate hoard.
This week the team have had some strategy meetings to ensure we are keeping the balls in the air and prioritising the features you’ve asked for.
Keep giving us your feedback so we can continue to hear what you need the most!
Landing pages
Landing page
There has been a bit of confusion on some aspects of the
landing pages
over the last few months which we are trying to alleviate and “land” a clearer result for you and your users.
For our long-term clients, who had data imported from the previous platform, we’ve added a note to help easily identify if a record was imported from migrated data. In these cases the
inspection date
isn’t necessarily the approved date - now that will be more obvious.
Some of you may also have had issues with no longer seeing hyperlinks on your landing pages when trying to move up a level. We understand it also caused confusion as to which level you were on (Site or Building). This was only happening where Sites and Buildings had the same asset code and it will now show above the lower asset.
Last but not least, Admins can now choose to show the
out of date register warning
message on landing pages ... or not.
Fixes & Improvements
Client Portal
  • Practice Management plug-in
    had a fix to the Clearance module to stop pre-populated comments overriding written comments.
  • Fixed an issue for
    Practice Managers
    that prevented an issue with sample results not automatically being included in the Risk Rating columns in the
    Pending audits tab
  • Fixed a bug with existing data where
    risk ratings
    were not re-calculating correctly after results were loaded in.
  • At times when a user forgets their
    login details
    (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t!) the reset email was going off to never never land. We’ve added some improvements to fix this so it arrives in your inbox, hassle free.
  • The ability to
    remove a record from the levels tab
    was inadvertently removed due to another code update. The feature is restored and back in.
  • Previously the
    Move Assets
    feature was allowing you to move assets to another Portal (for those who have multiple portals). This was causing confusion and issues so moving assets has been limited to the same portal. If you do need to move across portals, let us know and we’ll help out directly.
  • A fix has been added to ensure the
    number of entries
    at the bottom of a page updates when views and filters are applied.
  • There was an issue where the wrong response box was showing in a survey due to an incorrect setting in the
    Module Management.
    The checklist has been modified so the wrong options cannot be selected when setting up a checklist.
  • Fixed some wonky
    table headings
    displaying incorrectly in both the progress dashboard and some map searches.
  • Speaking of wonky, the
    Edit user
    modal was displaying usernames a bit off-centre - it now sits in its rightful place under the page title.
  • Fix applied for the
    Extent of damage/ deterioration
    responses in the checklist as one option was missing a response.
  • The
    Surface Treatment
    question in the checklist was not syncing across to the reports - this has been fixed in existing data where it was required.
  • A
    Same as
    will now show as
    Not present (Not tested)
    when its primary sample is marked as
    No asbestos detected.
  • If you’ve had any issues finding the
    Upload clearance certificate
    button lately, we’ve made sure it will always show regardless of any configuration settings that may be turned off.
  • A bug was fixed where
    Asbestos Registers
    were showing records as sampled when they were not tested.
  • Fixed a bug where the
    Audit records
    stopped working.
  • Fixed a bug that was stopping lab results from being loaded manually where the API connection to an external laboratory is not available.
  • For those of you with the
    Clearance Module
    , pre-set
    photo “descriptions”
    can be added in List Management allowing you to choose these via the App or Client portal - like the existing Titles.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the last synced column in the
    Active Audits table
    to only sort by time (incorrectly excluding date).
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#30 Release notes 22.04.22
Client Portal
Practice Management
We realise it’s been a minute since you’ve heard from us. Well, our Release Notes are back!!
Between juggling the chaos of Christmas, Covid and career moves (as you have too no doubt) we’re happy to once again report we have some new team members!
Meet Jordan Havard (Full-stack Engineer) and me, Natalie Firth (Customer Success + Support).
We’re trained up and as you had already seen, we’ve jumped right in to continue supporting you and improving Octfolio.
Mapping improvements
For those of you who love a good map, we’ve continued to improve how (and where) assets are displayed.
Firstly, when assets are clustered we display the risk rating for the highest-rated asset within the cluster. If there’s one high-risk asset clustered with 20 low-risk assets, we surface that high-risk asset first to minimise the risk of it being overlooked. We’ve resolved an issue that was placing assets with ‘no data’ (i.e no audit) above high-risk assets. Even if some assets haven’t been audited, they’ll still display - just not above a high-risk asset!
Next up, we fixed a bug that caused some assets to appear as though they were floating in the Pacific Ocean after zooming out. (Perhaps they were getting sick of lock downs and decided to take a trip!) They’re all back.
Map Improvements
Speaking of zooming, when multiple assets shared the exact same coordinates, only one pin was visible, in effect hiding all the others. Now, they separate so you’re able to individually select each asset.
The asset pop ups have also had a makeover and now include Lat and Long coordinates (for all modules).
CleanShot 2022-04-20 at 12
Finally, whilst it’s nice to explore local cafés and libraries, these points of interest cluttered the map, making it harder to find your own asset pins - they’ve been removed. But you can still use Google maps if you are looking for a café between audits ☕.
Like a version
There are times an
Asbestos Register
may need updating numerous times throughout the course of a large project, with multiple COAs and minor adjustments for instance. With that in mind, it’s not always practical to increase the version of the Register by whole numbers.
Now, you can decide whether or not to
generate a minor update
(e.g Version 1.1)
or an entirely new version
(e.g Version 2).
Thanks for the suggestion Tamara!
Create PDF
Please log a support request if you wish to utilise this for your organisation and the team can turn it on immediately.
Fixes & Improvements
  • Scrolling across
    Record tables
    ‘all columns’
    are showing was cumbersome. Now the header row is sticky so you’ll be able to know exactly what data you’re looking at.
  • Landing pages can now be accessed from the
    Asset details tab
    (not just the ‘Registers tab’)
  • Previously when a linked sample (
    same as
    similar to
    ) received a negative result from the actual primary sample, it was recorded as No Asbestos detected. This has been changed to show as
    no asbestos to be more accurate.
  • Default risk scores have been updated so 0 will bring back a result of
    No risk
    rather than Low risk.
  • Merging PDFs in the Document Library will now add the ‘Merged PDF’ into the currently selected module by default when multiple modules (i.e Clearance, Survey, Ladder etc) are enabled.
  • PDF’s can now be attached to any document (that has the generate document functionality already) regardless of whether it's a system generated file or a manually uploaded file.
  • The filename for merged PDFs now defaults to the name of the first document selected (with the label “merged” appended to the end). For example, merging “Refurbishment Survey.pdf” and “COA2022.pdf” defaults to
    Refurbishment survey - merged.pdf
    . But of course, you’re still able to rename the file to something different.
  • Filters have been improved on the Audits page making searching for assets easier.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented
    Show all columns
    from indeed
    all columns.
  • We originally implemented a feature that remembered your search parameters when using
    Search assets
    Search audits.
    Whilst this worked well
    of the time it also meant it was quite easy to ‘not find’ what you were searching for if you forgot to reset the search the next day. Now, the search will remember what you selected if you select an asset or audit and go ‘back’ using your browser navigation, but if you click elsewhere in the platform and then click back to search manually, it will start fresh so you don’t have to remember to press ‘Clear search’.
  • When you
    schedule an audit
    from within an asset, that asset will automatically be added to the audit.
  • Show all columns
    in the
    screen now includes the
    Contracting company
  • When opening an audit that is
    Awaiting results
    Audit records filter
    will remain filtered at Awaiting results if you toggle back and forth to Active Audits.
Awaiting results
  • Fixed the
    All Data ‘Properties Dropdown’
    (that changes the sort order of properties/columns within that table) - it was incorrectly displaying as a button.
All data properties
  • The
    Asset Management filter
    in the Special Instructions area is defaulting to Active to weed out archived and destroyed signs from your search.
  • Previously you could not
    schedule an audit
    on an asset that was either Scheduled or In-Progress. It’s now possible to schedule multiple audits on an asset (helpful when scheduling future audits).
  • When
    scheduling an audit
    , assets now display how many audits they are already assigned to (if multiple) from the ‘Select assets’ dropdown.
Scheduled auidt
  • The
    sorting of assets on a landing page
    has been out of sync with the settings in the client portal. This has been addressed and now will sort all assets by the correct sort order selected in your configuration.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented
    from being sorted. That's all
    now, so you can filter from ascending to descending (see what we did there 😉🥁 )
  • Fixed a bug that prevented
    Estimated quantities
    from populating into registers.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented
    Asbestos registers
    from opening. All registers are opening now, as you'd expect.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented
    asset images
    being removed or replaced. Any changes to asset images will now save correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented
    unit measurements
    from displaying correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that created blank audits.
  • Sites
    now have address fields! Previously, this was only possible for buildings.
  • Fixed a bug in
    datasheet view,
    which prevented some answers from saving.
  • We released a ‘
    Practice Management
    ’ plugin so Environmental Agencies can now manage their clients from one central location.
  • Fixed a bug preventing users from logging in despite new password being created.
  • Fixed a bug on the client portal that was duplicating the
    Add new building
  • Fixed a bug that was causing a
    scheduled audit
    to be hidden.
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#29 Release notes 03.09.21
Client Portal
How is everyone?
Are you getting enough rest? Drinking plenty of water? Getting your vegetables, here and there?
It's been a tough period for lots of folks out there with lockdowns, travel restrictions and of course, Covid itself. So we wanted to take this opportunity to say, we hope you're doing well.
Be kind to yourself, be kind to others.
Fixes & Improvements
  • Fixed a bug that prevented
    from being sorted. That's all
    now, so you can filter from ascending to descending (see what we did there 😉 🥁 )
  • Fixed a bug that prevented
    Estimated quantities
    from populating into registers.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented
    Asbestos registers
    from opening. Not to worry, all registers are opening now, as you'd expect.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented asset images from being removed or replaced. Any changes to asset images will now save correctly.
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