#29 Release notes 03.09.21
Client Portal
How is everyone?
Are you getting enough rest? Drinking plenty of water? Getting your vegetables, here and there?
It's been a tough period for lots of folks out there with lockdowns, travel restrictions and of course, Covid itself. So we wanted to take this opportunity to say, we hope you're doing well.
Be kind to yourself, be kind to others.
Fixes & Improvements
  • Fixed a bug that prevented
    from being sorted. That's all
    now, so you can filter from ascending to descending (see what we did there 😉 🥁 )
  • Fixed a bug that prevented
    Estimated quantities
    from populating into registers.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented
    Asbestos registers
    from opening. Not to worry, all registers are opening now, as you'd expect.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented asset images from being removed or replaced. Any changes to asset images will now save correctly.
#28 Release Notes 27.08.21
Inspector App
Client Portal
Finding audits just got a lil' easier
Working in software can be brilliant. Sometimes making small adjustments can result in such a meaningful impact for our customers - for example, something as simple as providing contractors with the ability to search for audits (instead of hunt for them). For our trusted contractors out there, it's now that much easier to find the audit you're after.
Reading register names got a whole lot easier also!
All registers now have a much more human-readable file name. In the past, they included a lot of characters. They haven't exactly been bedazzled, but they're certainly a whole lot prettier. File names now include:
  • Asset code
  • Asset name
  • Compliance type (Asbestos or Building Conditions); and
  • The version of the register (e.g Ver 3.0).
So we've gone from this:
to this:
NZ2000 City Fire Station Full Asbestos Register Ver 3.0.pdf
Have an idea 👉 Request a Feature 💡
Head over to the
tab then click
Feature requests
. A new tab will open where you can add in new feature requests and vote on other feature requests that are already in the system.
Fixes & Improvements
  • Some assets were not displaying their risk ratings on the search page (though they were still visible when you went into the asset directly). We've fixed this up so all risk ratings for assets will 'bubble up' into the search page.
  • Improved the selection of
    sample results.
    When uploading sample results you were only ever able to select individual samples, now, there's a
    select all
    Revolutionary we know
    😅. A simple oversight but now much easier to use.
  • When creating a sample the
    Sample ID/ barcode
    field didn't show an asterisk to indicate it was a mandatory field. Now it does, so if the field is empty, you'll know why you can't submit it.
  • Fixed a bug that was redirecting the
    Custom Document Library
    to the dashboard when accessed via admin settings. As great as a dashboard is, it now takes you to the Custom Document Library as you'd expect.
#27 Release Notes 20.07.2021
Inspector App
Client Portal
If you're a contractor out in the field and you're working with a large number of clients, it can become overwhelming having to scroll through the entire list every time you open your Inspector App. So, to make life a little bit easier, we now surface the 3 most recently accessed clients, right at the top of the list. Find them fast, get the job done faster.
Fixes & Improvements
  • Contractors now have the ability to move records from one asset to another.
  • Improved the usability of filters on the Inspector App - when applying a filter, if no records match the criteria a message will now be displayed to say '
    No records found, please try another filter or search'
    . Previously, it didn't say anything so it was a bit hard to tell if the search had even been run!
  • Fixed a bug that was causing an error to be displayed on some web registers. Always satisfying getting rid of errors!
  • A small sample of jobs that were due for a re-audit were displaying the incorrect recommended audit dates. This has been updated to correctly show only those audits that are due to be re-audited based on inspection recommendations.
  • Fixed a bug on the Equipment Notice landing page that redirected users to a login screen after entering their pin. Now, it will show the landing page as expected.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in administrative users login names not appearing correctly. This only impacted one user (thanks for reporting this one Rebecca!!).
#26 Release Notes 13.07.2021
It's Friday 13th 👻 and we've squashed a few more ghoulies getting about!
Fixes & Improvements
  • Fixed a bug that was causing some assets to not display their Overall risk rating on the search page.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some samples to be hidden when attempting to view them via an Asset (from the 'Samples tab'). This is now fixed and will display all samples, regardless of how many there are.
  • Fixed a bug that was blocking the Equipment Notices plugin from being enabled via the admin menu. All sorted now!
  • The Document Libraries search filters were unresponsive. Now when searching using the filters, Document Libraries populate correctly based on the search criteria.
#25 Release Notes 06.08.202
Another week, another set of tweaks, fixes and improvements. We're light on updates for this round as we cook up something special due for release in the coming weeks...
Hint: it's going to make scheduling audits far more streamlined 🚀
Fixes & Improvements
  • Fixed a bug that caused asset codes to drop from Asbestos Register's when that register was generated at the asset's Site level.
  • When uploading a Clearance Certificate to a site, it was adding it to all sites within a portal. Uploading a Clearance Certificate will now only add it to the site it was uploaded to.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some register's images to appear against incorrect records due to a sequencing anomaly. This only affected some clients who were migrated from a legacy system.
  • Fixed a bug that was replacing the
    name of the on-site assessor
    with the name of the person who
    last edited the record
    . The record now has a log of events to show who last updated the record.
  • Similarly, fixed an issue that incorrectly replaced the
    date of the actual inspection
    with the
    date of the last edit.
#24 Release Notes 30.07.2021
Client Portal
Platform v3.1.8
🔍 Better visibility of risk
Fundamental to maintaining high safety standards for your people is having the right data at your fingertips, quickly.
Previously, to find the overall Audit status or Risk Rating for a Site, you'd have to drill down into the individual assets within that site. Now, that data bubbles up to the Site level.
At a glance, you'll have a much better understanding of the site-wide risks as well as the progress of your team and/or contractors conducting audits.
Fixes & Improvements
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing
    company site images
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing newly created records from saving. This was caused by a time syncing issue with one of the accessibility questions.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing errors to display when activating
    Equipment Notices
  • Removed old values that were being displayed in the
    Asbestos Survey
  • Improved the way records are displayed in the Building conditions module (you'll see them in the Records tab...they were previously hidden).
  • Changed the
    Site name
    drop-down menu that appeared when you click
    Edit building
    into a read-only field. This prevents accidental moving of the building into a different site. When that happened from this screen (and not via the 'Move Asset Tool') it would move this building to that site but break the link between all the audits, records, samples, images and documentation.
#23 Release Notes 23.07.2021
Inspector App
Client Portal
Platform v3.1.7 — Mobile v2.4.9
🐭 Sometimes it's the small things
Over the past few months, we've brought on a number of key hires to the team, particularly in product and design. Whilst we're working hard in the background on some major features, we're committed to continuously releasing updates. Some of these updates may only be minor (perhaps seemingly imperceptible) but make a big difference to ensuring you can get your job done easier and faster.
Simple things like when you're doing an audit from your mobile phone. The information button was hidden (not on purpose of course!). That's now all fixed up.
Release Notes #23 - Image 1
Have a feature request of your own? Add it to our Feature Request's board here.
Fixes and Improvements
  • When doing an audit from your mobile phone the information button was being hidden by the edit button. Now, the
    buttons are displayed side by side.
  • During migrations there are times when some Clearance Certificates that aren't associated with records still need to be displayed against the asset. We've updated the migration scripts to allow Clearance Certificates to be linked to the appropriate asset.
  • When selecting the option -
    Show all columns
    , the page was hiding the asset records. This has been fixed to display all records and when choosing the option
    show all columns
    the relevant columns are displayed.
  • Some risks were not calculating correctly. We have recently made changes to ensure the correct risk score is calculated and displayed.
  • When using the Datasheet View to set
    Item material, Item type & Surface treatment
    from the dropdowns ****the selection wasn't saving in the record itself. Even more frustrating, the required option was no longer available in those respective dropdowns when in the actual record. That's all fixed up. Thanks Tamara for spotting that one and reporting it! The video really helped : )
  • When editing
    Area/room name
    in the Datasheet View, any information entered in the text box would be replaced by a randomly generated risk rating (not ideal!). This is now fixed to save exactly what you type.
  • Record sequence numbers
    were not updating when editing in the Records Table View. Record Sequences are now saved automatically after a change.
Release Notes #23 - Image 2
  • Audits and records
    were not visible at the Asset level when the asset was moved via the Asset Move Tool. As a result, it wasn't clear what information actually existed for that asset without drilling down. Now you can see what audits and records exist for an asset, regardless of where you are in the asset.
  • Risk and audit information
    was missing when viewing assets from the Site level. This has been fixed to display the audit status and risk rating.
  • Some
    document templates
    where duplicated in the Custom Document Library. It now correctly only displays the one.
#22 Release Notes 16.07.2021
Inspector App
Client Portal
Platform v3.1.6 — Mobile v2.4.8
🚀 Release notes are now published weekly
We use to release our release notes monthly, then realised it's real easy to just release weekly...
In all seriousness though, we use to announce all of our new features, improvements and bug fixes on a monthly basis. But as our development has ramped up and we consistently release weekly, it makes more sense to keep our release notes on the same schedule.
When any part of our software is released, updated, fixed or improved, we'll be sharing it as it happens.
🔄 Now you can go back
Shock and awe
..... we know, we know....this seems like an obvious one and don't worry, it's bugged us too. We apologise for that!
For the longest time, if you hit 'back' in your browser, your portal would show a blank page and only work again once you refreshed. The ability to simply 'go back' in most applications is such a global norm that we'd continue to do it out of habit, still bumping into the same problems.
But no longer!
Now, you can hit back. With many pages being dynamic in nature, it won't always save the exact same 'state' you were in but will be the last main area you were just in. This one isn't an earth-shattering update by any measure, but one that will likely result in a sigh of relief when you hear about it. Sorry it took so long
💡 Feature Request board now available
Ideas, improvements, and new feature suggestions that come directly from our customers are the pure gold that helps us continue building a world-class product. When you share your thoughts with us (whether it's a raving review or constructive feedback) we genuinely thank you for it.
We sometimes get this feedback from you via email, sometimes on a phone call, perhaps a support chat - or terribly, we don't get to hear it at all, because the moment has passed and you may have forgotten to mention it.
We've now made it much easier for you to pass along your ideas directly into a publicly available feature request board. Not only do you get to add ideas quickly, but you can also vote on other users' ideas that are important to you too, and similarly, they can do the same on yours.
This helps us understand what's going to have the most impact for everyone across the board and prioritise our development where it's needed most. When you vote on an issue, you'll be notified when its status changes - whenever it's commented on from other users or us, or when we move it to planned; in progress; complete or cancelled.
On top of that, we're also delivering our weekly release notes in a much more digestible and accessible way. The format that you're reading right now. We're moving them out of our 'support knowledgebase' and into this dedicated changelog.
  • Created a datasheet view option to allow bulk editing without the need to go into each record individually. This will make editing information more efficient allowing you to get on with other tasks.
  • Created the ability to
    duplicate records
    across buildings that are under the same audit.
  • When creating a sample, the sample information field now defaults to: '
    ' for new samples; and '
    previously sampled
    ' for samples that are already linked.
  • It's now possible to view or hide registers and web registers across our different compliance modules.
  • Audit ID
    added to the Clearance module Samples table.
  • Datasheet view now shows the
    # of images
    in a record.
  • Updated various parts of the
    Sample Collection Survey Template
    (e.g. Removed "
    Site Description
    " and "
    " from the Executive Summary; changed "
    " to "
    sample collection
    " on page 4; changed "
    an asbestos survey
    " to "
    sample collection
    "; removed "
    3.0 Exclusions and Caveats
    " from page 9; and added new "
    Sample Collection
    " section on page 15).
  • Created
    Custom Document Library
    as its own menu listing in the admin menu.
  • Added
    Inspection details
    button to the clearance module. This can be found when viewing audits that are either awaiting results or pending review.
  • Added
    View audit information
    button to all compliance modules. You will find this in the Active menu when looking at audits that are either awaiting results or pending review.
  • Clearance module audits can now only be scheduled against one building at a time.
  • New ability for contractors to
    selectively sync jobs
    . Previously, if a contractor was working with multiple clients that use Octfolio, it would sync all jobs automatically. This could cause heavy downloads and slow loads.
  • Added text to the 'Sync &
    ' and 'Sync &
    buttons on mobile, to better articulate their function. It may not have been obvious previously what these buttons did.
  • New option for
    : 'Unknown'.
  • New option for
    Estimated quantity:
    'Not required'.
  • We have removed the option to filter by
    in the clearance module. This is because the 4 stages of an audit need to remain with their associated stages.
  • Datasheet view mode was only showing 50 records even when you had 50+. This has been fixed and will now show all records regardless of how many.
  • Move asset
    tool wasn't quite working correctly. When using the move asset tool the registers were only viewable from a level and not the building. This has been patched to make registers viewable from building and level.
  • When creating a
    a sample, the app was remembering your previous selection which was causing some confusion. Now, when creating a new sample it will be set to sampled and when linking a sample it will be set to previously sampled.
  • Clearance module section was an incorrect heading and has been renamed to
    Clearance Module Stage.
  • You can now archive records. When doing so, a comment box will appear so you're able to enter a note for the reason you're archiving. This helps avoid accidental archiving.
  • When uploading lab results, samples were not appearing meaning it wasn't possible to enter the results. This has been fixed so you will now see a list of all selected samples allowing you to enter in the appropriate results.
  • Datasheet view now includes the
    Area/ room name
    information captured by an assessor.
  • Fixed alignment issues on the
    building details
    edit screen.
  • When viewing asset images via the
    photos tab
    only the images on page 1 were viewable. Now, images across all pages are viewable.
  • Fixed an issue where the
    save & exit
    button was unresponsive.
#21 Release Notes 06.2021
  • For audits that have recently been synced to the server they will now appear on the app showing you the status of the audits so you know if the audits have successfully synced to the server.
  • Record table speed improvements.
  • Updated record logic when a version of the record is archived.
  • When using different sized screens, icons and text will display accordingly. smaller screen like mobile phones will display as icons whereas bigger screen like tablet will display icons and text.
  • When certain questions have been answered where possible other questions will now populate an answer.
  • Example: if Item material is: Vinyl sheeting and surface treatment is: Encapsulated / Sealed then the surface treatment will automatically populate the answer to: Composite materials containing asbestos: reinforced plastics, resins, vinyl tiles.
  • Migration script updated.
  • Updated data recovery logic.
  • Records that have been migrated previously showed the risk rating as an 'override risk'. We have now updated this message to 'Not enough information to calculate. This is to show that the risk has not been overridden.
  • The clearance module includes a digital signature for each assessor/auditor.
  • A client made changes to their API, Octfolio updated API mappings.
  • Updated the message that appears on all migrated records to:
  • This record was imported in to Octfolio during a migration of historical data. Some values may be empty due to question changes. If you have any concerns, please first consult the existing asbestos registers available in the Register tab. Alternatively, please contact support@octfolio.com.
Images being duplicated.
  • Duplicate questions appearing in records.
  • Version 2 of records not correctly calculating risk.
  • When uploading lab results the list of audits to choose from was including archived audits.
  • Removed the count of audits in the the active menu for particular clients to improve loading speeds.
  • When selecting assets via the client portal a blank white screen was loading.
  • When a client has multiple client portals, when changing from one to another the client portal wasn't loading.
  • The app was displaying a blank white screen after a sequence of events.
  • The app was auto zooming unexpectedly, a measure has been put in place to prevent this from reoccurring.
  • Sync & remove bug prevented audits from coming off the device.
  • After company information updated the page didn't reload to reflect saved changes.
  • A bug created duplicate sample.
  • Incorrect sample status being displayed when viewing sample information via asset.
  • Android devices missing possible answers in dropdowns lists.
  • A bug was identified when verifying records from a previous audit. if the records previously had samples they would be removed when verifying those records.
  • App loading bug that wouldn’t allow you to create audits from the app.
  • Unable to create audits from device when offline.
  • Audits that have recently synced to the server displays on your device. The column heading ' State of ACM' wasn't populating results.
  • When automation selections are made the risk recalculations were not calculating correctly.
#20 Release Notes 05.2021
  • Changed 'location' to 'item location'.
  • Custom document library now supports eml & msg in additional to the usual file types.
  • Migration scripts updated.
  • Created the ability to see which audits have a note(s) without having to open each audit.
  • Speed improvements to the active audits screen.
  • Changed filter colours to make it more obvious if a filter is applied or needs applying.
  • We have created the ability to hide assets from public landing pages if they are sensitive sites.
  • All public landing page icons are green where as internal landing page icons are blue.
  • Additional sample options added.
  • Additional items added to the asbestos checklist.
  • When users move to a different page in a table they will now be returned to the top of the table.
  • Web register incorrectly showing asset items.
  • iOS landscape photos loading as portrait.
  • Duplicate question identified after completing an inspection.
  • Script error when adding records to audits via the portal.
  • When uploading a certificate of analysis the document wasn't appearing in the document library.
  • Record search filter not working.
  • Progress dashboard not listing client portals correctly.
  • Filter not turning the appropriate colour when the filter had been reset.
  • Octfolio logo misaligned.
  • Asbestos register not displaying room or items information.
  • When attempting to schedule an audit the page was redirecting you back the dashboard.
  • Unnecessary '( )' appearing in cases where no removal data added.
  • Creating a client identified a bug.
  • Register information under asset details was displaying inconsistently with the rest of the portal.
  • Sample table sorting wasn't ordering correctly.
  • When adding plugins to a client they didn't appear in the client portal.
  • Password reset wasn't working.
  • When attempting to upload lab results, audits were missing form the list.
  • Unable to schedule audits.
  • Duplicate questions appearing in records.
  • After exiting records, page redirects you to dashboard.
  • Archived buildings appearing in schedule audits screen.
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